009 – Sharvis and Chantiel Whitted | The Marriage Relationship pt. 2

Sharvis and Chantiel Whitted

March 9, 2014

Join us this week for our interview with Sharvis and Chantiel Whitted, in part two of our Work Life Balance series: The Marriage Relationship.

Sharvis & Chantiel Whitted have been married for nearly a decade. In that time they have learned a LOT about balancing life responsibilities (Marriage, children & family) with work (career, goals & dreams).

Sharvis has spent the past 12 years in the workplace–simultaneously working in the public sector and the non-profit sector. He currently works for the State of Florida, is a Full time worship pastor, and jointly runs Back To Worship LLC with Chantiel a music production company that writes, arranges, produces & records for it’s clients. (www.back2worship.com) Chantiel has spent the greater part of her career in family and marriage counseling and coaching. Prior to leaving the workforce to start a family, she work for many years with Live The Life (livethelife.org)–an organization focused on marriage & family therapy.

Chantiel is currently pursuing her higher level degree in marriage and family therapy. With a growing family, multiple work responsibilities, and running a small business; this couple have found themselves in the bliss of a wonderful and stable marriage. The first 10 years of your career are foundational to your long term professional success. These same 10 years are equally crucial for your long term marriage success. This couple shares with us practical tips & sound advice that has helped their marriage not only grow, but thrive. Join our conversation this week.

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