Meet Rick Whitted

Rick Whitted is a candid and heartfelt truth teller.

He exposes our tendency to use career progression to answer one of life’s greatest questions: Am I moving forward?

A speaker, author and workplace consultant: Rick is on a crusade to reshape how we think about our careers. In the workplace, he believes that the outdated corporate ladder discussion of managers is fueling unnecessary career frustration and creating a divide between employer and employee. Using the concept of career values, through the 4P’s of Promotion,  his goal is to teach leaders and organizations how to identify, and speak to, those core values that build a culture of confidence, trust and engagement.

With nine out of ten college bound high school students saying they’ve received little to no career advice by the time they graduate; Rick also advocates the importance of preparing the next generation by teaching mom’s and dad’s the practice of parenting your child’s career at an early age.

Rick’s activities include the following:

Rick has been in the banking industry for over 25 years, and currently leads a municipal banking team in the Southeastern U.S. He resides in Orlando with his Wife of 22 years and their 3 children.

You can connect with Rick at:

Website:      www.rickwhitted.com

Twitter:        @rawhitted

Facebook:    Facebook.com/RickWhitted

Instagram:   Instagram.com/rawhitted

YouTube:      YouTube.com/RickWhitted




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