026 – Andreas Marpaung | Giving Your Children A Head Start In The Workplace Pt. 1

Andreas Marpaung

July 6, 2014

andreasAndreas Marpaung is an entrepreneurial-minded man of many talents. He holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from UCF; an M.B.A from Rollins College; and, is currently pursuing his PHD in Computer Engineering. Andreas is an original member of a team that invented a highly specialized machine that repairs LCDs on ultra sophisticated equipment. He is one of a handful of individualsĀ in the world specialized in the repair of these machines and has traveled from places such as New York, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea and Japan. What is the greatest passion of this well-published Software Engineer, who’s thesis is on Building A Social Robot with an Emotion-Based Internal Control and External Communication to Enhance Human-to-Robot Interaction (HRI)? It’s Teaching.

Although he is still called from time to time to travel across the globe for specialized LCD repairs; Andreas made a shift to fulfill his passion for teaching almost 5 years ago by purchasing a Kumon franchise. The aim of Kumon is to help students achieve college level mathematics and reading before they complete High School; and, also to prepare them to academically compete globally. I could not think of a better person to have a discussion with about how we as parents can help prepare our Kids to Win in the Workplace today.

Andreas can be reach at http://www.kumon.com/orlando-southeast or contacted directly at 407-658-MATH.

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