032 – Walter Price | Staying Relevant in a Changing Workplace

Walter Price

August 17, 2014

Walter-PriceHow does a trained Industrial Engineer end up thriving for over twenty years in the insurance? Ask my guest this week–Walter Price. After graduating from Southern Illinois University in 1992 with a BASc in Industrial Engineering, Walter began working as an Engineer. Quickly realizing it was not the path he desired, he was introduced to a leading firm in the insurance industry. This company charted out a structured career progression that Walter believed in and followed methodically. And he has not looked back since. Twenty-one years later he has carried out many assignments, in several geographies for the company (most recently moving to Orlando, FL with his wife and son) and is a thriving contributer within his firm.

“Your very career existence depends upon your ability to change,” Walter suggests. Being an eye witness over the past 2 decades to a constantly shifting landscape in corporate America–one in which companies are adjusting at breakneck speed to meet the demands of a changing customer base–Walter has seen many co-workers start with him, that are not there today. He shares common sense wisdom and practical advice on how to stand out in the workplace and build a lasting career. Join the conversation this week as we discuss the topic: “How to stay relevant in a changing workplace environment.”

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